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"...soprano Danielle Pastin’s Micaela, the soldier's sweetheart, delivered a stunning third-act aria, full of fierce longing and adoration, a beautiful reminder of why she remains a favorite in the Pittsburgh scene..."

- Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2022)

"Soprano Danielle Pastin did a superb job capturing the conflicting emotions of Donna Elvira..."

- South Florida Classical Review (2019)


"Soprano Danielle Pastin stood out as a glamourous Donna Elvira, with a glowing voice and commanding presence. Pastin brought to life a strong woman in pursuit of justice, warning others of the Don’s abusive past, yet discredited and dismissed as “mad” by the very man whose violence and lies she seeks to avenge. During the famous quartet, Don Giovanni pinned her against the wall while Donna Anna and Don Ottavio, seemingly oblivious to the assault unfolding in front of them, wondered out loud, “Who should we believe?” "

- (2019)


"Danielle Pastin, with her creamy, luscious vocal color, was born to sing the Countess. Her opening solo was a lesson in legato singing, while her delivery of the great "Dove sono" combined technical prowess with consummate communication of this abused woman's emotional quandary. "

- The Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2018)



"Soprano Danielle Pastin (Leila) was jaw dropping: her musical sensitivity was mature and focused; her command of vocal inflection a tour de force of coloratura gymnastics. Every aria presented a delicately crafted jewel, executed with a taste which never allowed her virtuosity to outshine her dramatic characterization."

- The Blade (2017)



"Danielle Pastin (Liu) displayed a thrilling and lyrical soprano that was rock solid throughout her range and dynamically dynamite, delivering the work's most poignant moments with sincerity and theatrical finesse."

- The Virginia Gazette (2017)



"her voice was amazingly supple with a purity that reflected her character’s naiveté”

- Nashville Arts

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